Wednesday, 10 October 2012

 Blue vs Pink..

Let me confess…Men r from Mars and Women r from venus.. till I got married in june I had different opinion..i knew that we r different..something very simple like.when I come from office I blab abt my day vs my bro used to say it was nice day..u know what I mean right....
Read a joke few days back on this. Here it is ..Men got 3000 words for a day and women 5000. When a man returns home after a long day he is over with his 3000 words but she still gets 2000.
Just thought of decoding this star
1.    Difference in vocabulary..Men must have learned about cute, pretty words in school. But,they are non existent in their talks. We always work on cute and pretty is very sad that nobody has put a theory on this on the other hand have fixation for cars and bikes..i never believed that boys like toys..but I do can they watch formula one..i can watch it only at the end when I can c Michael Schumacher..
2.    High heels and sneakers- it is all in the preference..we love to wear nice pair of high looks damn good. Who cares about the pain…we have simple policy no pain no gain..Guys have different mantra here..who cares abt the looks..they buy something that is comfy..
3.    One line vs long ans- guys have all the time in world but still they can only ans in one line..they don’t like to give is unnecessary for them. they might use the valuable time saved sleeping(was gonna say meditating) always have time to give long answers with every piece of information that can be transferred to them…we always have time to talk and work too…
4.    On the road—I accept hands down that guys r natural drivers…we try to drive and some might be good..but on behalf of the rest..we r sorry for bad driving..guys just hate to take directions..they feel like they r always gonna find the right even if we r lost for about 10 min and have no clue about the place..guys confidence is wavering..We tend to ask for direction..have absolutely no intention of enjoying we r lost phase..
5.    This is very simple observation but very true..guys r not bothered abt sun..they don’t mind getting tanned..u will hardly c a guy standing in shade just to avoid sun..imagine a guy carrying an umbrella or covering his face just as precaution to avoid sun rays..we are always finding shade to stand..still end up paying so much on the

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