Thursday, 3 January 2013


Had felt horrible abt the gang rape case…had cried(it might not be the ans to the issue but tears just could not stop)..was shocked when some said that these cases are pretty common. What is so special about this just shows that we r not bothered about it and used to it..our mind recognizes it as bad news and moves on..shocking but true..
I thought of writing abt my own experience to help someone to gather courage and Speak UP..It takes courage to do it. atleast talk about it..
I had just cleared tenth standard exam. I had always been surrounded by good men. And I always travelled with friends or relatives ..never alone..i still remember the day, time and place. It was 7 in the evening and I was coming back from dadar…I took an auto and reached the station…I had to cross the flower market to reach station..The lanes were small there was hardly any light. My innocent mind did not allow me to think that someone may actually was trying to touch me..I assumed it was bcoz of crowd. Being a girl the sixth sense helped me but the space did not allow me to move an inch.. I somehow could speak up or even look at the guy..i was the only girl there surrounded by guys…I just ran as fast as possible..but it did nt end there I was travelling by train for the first time..did not know where to go and was confused. Could not ask for directions.. coz I did nt want to give the guy the impression that I was lost and scared… somehow read all the indicators and saw my train reaching the I was walking down ,the guy again tried to come close..that time, the very moment I was furious and just pushed him far away..i never knew I could do it..
I got in the train and started crying..i was happy that I resisted..i might not have something outrageous…but did something about it..thought of telling someone about it..but the place was just nt right to ask for help…
What was the reason to put it on paper something is just that these things do happen and nobody talks about it..i had heard some of my friends say that when they have been teased, they should have spoken up..feel bad about it later..We have been always told to suppress out thoughts and ignore it.. the lamest excuse is we cant change it…I agree we cant change the mindset in one day..but the other person should know that this behavior is absolutely not accepted and just get lost..
2012- so many years have passed after the incident, but I still get the shiver after I speak up.. I was travelling with my friend to sangli..and the bus had an accident and we had to change the bus..The new bus was already reserved by some people..( potla rakha matlab jagah mera)..this reservation system was used..Had to resist it..and to my surprise nt a single person in the bus took my side. Here I was fighting alone with a guy for almost half an hour…the guy was pretty furious…but I was strong on my grounds..The guy gave me ugly look and sat next to driver. It was getting dark..i was getting scared… my mind was constantly focusing on the guy, what he must be thinking..will he take revenge…
The incident might be small as nothing happened..but it just made me stronger…
I just hope that whenever u c someone being teased or molested…Do SPEAK UP..It can small thing..being supportive helps..maybe it can save someone’s life..