Monday, 17 December 2012

Mumbai Pune Mumbai

Thought of choosing an attractive movie title..(the funda always works)…It’s my six month in Pune. After the initial yuks and wows abt the city, I could finally write down something..(which is nt based on first impressions)
Pune is city of
Two wheelers- oh yes…hell lot of honking and overtaking. People have just happily ignored traffic signals..No one stops at red light..Having said that, it is dream city for automobile industry. You can see all brands here. All new brands are welcomed and are sold like hot cakes.
The question is does anyone walk? oh will c lot of parks in Pune..Punekar’s only go for morning or evening walks. The rest of the time they enjoy sitting on their
Sur(sa re ga ma)- Don’t worry, u can’t hear me if you have got noisy picture of Pune then your half right. The city hosts many musical concerts ranging from classical music to Jazz, rock. It hosts Sawai festival in the heart of the city. All the shows always receives outstanding response from music lovers.
Food(Khana khajana)- You will find food joints at every galli and nukkad. People are foodie here…It is heaven for pastry, biscuits and cake lovers.  Shrewsbury biscuits are to die for.  How can I forget chitale bakarwadi, shrikhand..Being a mumbaikar I was used to wait in line. But the wait used to be for bus, train or taxi. It was never ever for buying bakharwadi. Oh yes, u read it right. Punerkar’s take a coupon and actually stand in line for half an hour to taste mouth watering delights. They say it is worth the wait.
Gulabi thandi- It is the best excuse to eat more. The climate allows them to eat more. The climate is dry and cool. No one sweats and hence no need to carry tissue papers. You can always look picture perfect, the skin does not look oily..(enough of girly stuff).. I could wear a sweater for the first time in winter. All the cool jackets which I could not wear in Mumbai are back in my wardrobe.
Mangalsutra mahostav vs rave party- I had never imagined jewellary shops can use Mangalsutra mahostav as gimmick to sell the quintessential piece of jewellary of married ladies. But it is a reality and big success too. You will c all the gold shops crowed here. Sometimes I wonder are they buying gold or vegetables. I had to wait for 1 hour to get wedding rings from well renowned jewellary shop.
So u thought, people are traditional. Think again. Pune had been into headlines for its rave parties. Youngsters who come here to study and make a bright future had to hide their faces after being caught at the rave parties.
Apan, Tumhi = ji, aap- Marathi is the only language spoken and appreciated here. You will people using words like apan tumahala (which signifies respect). I used to think that my Marathi is good until I came here. I barely understand words here.
What do you want to add?