Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A Girl meets boys

Yes u read it right. It is nt boy meets a girl.(the most talk about topic in the world. Be it movies, K serials). It has always inspired all the best selling authors to write love stories. Recently,  I have been following Bade acche lagte Hai serial on Sony (having highest TRP during 10.30 slot). That makes me think what it is abt the serial which makes all the ladies to wrap up their work and fight with their husband for the remote. We simply love being in Love( no wonder shahrukh khan is the superstar). Nobody wants to get into the post marriage story.(look what is happening in Pavitra rishta.) we all r interested in boy meets a girl. Either they falls in love instantly(love at first sight) or r opposite poles.
Now let me share new angle to it. I am the girl in the picture(lucky to have lead role..no casting couch).ofcourse I have girl next door looks(actually thats a tag line on my T-shirt).lol. I have been on the matrimony site for like 1 year now and have send and received quite interesting requests. U c we girls r nt that shallow(the ofcourse comparison is with boys. Who just go by looks.. I can c boys saying thats nt true and I am generalizing.(blah blah!!!) I am different and all) lets face it(nature laws works ). So when a guys open the site, he goes for so called first impression of the girl(her figure, smile and eyes(that is why we have lot of hindi songs on the eyes..tere mast mast do nain, jabse tere naina ..and the list goes on..the only change has been on the focus to education..some credit to guys for that)..boom .. a guy hits request button(liked ur profile.can I have ur contact number..most of them will send u chat request too).
Now I have  to c the guys pic,his educational and family background. (if u find all the things r fitting the slot) go ahead and accept the interest..now the real deal starts..u actually start talking with the guy. Everyone has standard question to ask(all practical ones..just like a business deal. Everyone trying  to protect their interest.) am I missing love there?(that will be too early.but what abt connection.here I m nt expecting soul mate.) pyar vyar to sab kahahi mein hota hai(so the question remains why people read those stories..if they don’t believe in it).
I have been fortunate of meeting some interesting people on the journey. Since I am lawyer let me put everything in bullet points
Guy no.1- The most hilarious was the confusion between the brothers. i had contacted the younger brother and marked CC to his elder brother( now the thing is both brothers  r searching for a girl..who knew that..lol) and elder brother send me his contact details( Iitna jaldi plastic surgery kar liya..that was faster than K serial..it takes them min 100 episodes). It took us some odd 10 mails to clear the confusion.9to find out which one was my guy..)
Guy No.2- the next number goes to a guy who actually send me wrong mail. He was just trying to save time by sending bulk mails to all the girls.(forgot to change the name though).. Poor guy(he got caught).
Guy No3.- the current situation in marriage market is brothers r getting married at the same time(that may be bcoz of late marriage or further studies) now I got request from younger brother ( handsome guy..i replied ASAP ) but this guy had the guts to refer his bro’s details coz he thought I might be perfect match for his  brother.(rab ne bana di Jodi type)
Guy No. 4- this guy was actually in relationship but was waiting for god know what..lol. he was simply looking for backup. But the gud news is he found the his match.(we have shifted from matrimony to FB now)
Guy No 5- now the classic commitment freak guy ( I know most guys r.. nothing different). the best part was that he liked me but did nt want to marry me.(was he interested in Live in then ). From  the day one we started talking , I liked the guy. It was pretty difficult to match the time zones.(but we tried our best). We must have missed our meals and some work deadlines too. But it was all worth it. We were responsible for contributing some revenue to Vodafone too. So the question was  is he the one? Which was tough one(I could nt copy too.) and time was running out.until it hit me when he came to India(to meet one more girl.) I was trying to keep cool(but jeously is girls best quality) how can I stand him meeting other girls which his parents have selected for him..The first time I met the guy I was talking to for last few months. I was really excited abt it. I bunked my office.. got ready and headed to the meeting point.(for a cup of coffee in CCD.i agree with their tag line a lot can happen over a coffee..)..nothing happened(coffee was gud though)..  

Guy no. 6- my first proposed kande pohe programme...(which i refused). this guy's parents were actually going out of town(for a week...lol..i thought they must going out for month or so)..they proposed to have kande pohe programme on weekday(i dont even get time to meet my friends on weekday..)..i was amused with their proposal, they wanted to come to my house at 8 in the morning and gonna leave by 11..it was perfleclty planned as per their schedule..I was missing from it...

Guy No.7- i have got proposal from guys in US, UK(mostly from engineering field).if i have to tell u there expectations.it goes like this- someone who has these qualifications- BE, CA/CS..someone who is bold and can work in corporate world abroard..these people think CA and CS are same professions..just change of last alphabet..(lol).it is very silly to explain them that legal degree is based on the jusrisdiction of the country.(but somebody has to do it...i am doing my bit)..

P.S. search ends here....but new journey begins...

Monday, 27 June 2011

my first blog

what was my motivation to write a blog?- all my friends who were sure that nobody would be interested in it. forget abt interest, nt sure anyone will read it. so here it is my first  attempt. I believe in beginners luck. so if u  read it. please share ur comment.

so u have read the above attention seeking crap. u r nt gonna regret it.(no guarnatee.terms and conditions apply).

just had an awseome day walking in jungle(nt with wild animal but my buddies). Naneghat trek was my first mansoon trek.( and unforgatable too).the place just looks amazing in mansoon. it has differnt charm to it.( u could get the feeling that someone is stalking u. coz we r nt used to listen our foot steps in all the choes of the city). the time passes by so quickly when u realise that u r walking too slowly and got to catch up with the group. (*** very imp- carry extra pair of shoes with U..trust me.u will thank me for this advice. u can carry less water too.hardly drank any..but added weight to my bag..).the best of the trek is the post trek effect on my super  fit body..lol..all the aching and paining which i had to deal with on so called easy trek..lol..i should better shup up to get response.