Monday, 27 June 2011

my first blog

what was my motivation to write a blog?- all my friends who were sure that nobody would be interested in it. forget abt interest, nt sure anyone will read it. so here it is my first  attempt. I believe in beginners luck. so if u  read it. please share ur comment.

so u have read the above attention seeking crap. u r nt gonna regret it.(no guarnatee.terms and conditions apply).

just had an awseome day walking in jungle(nt with wild animal but my buddies). Naneghat trek was my first mansoon trek.( and unforgatable too).the place just looks amazing in mansoon. it has differnt charm to it.( u could get the feeling that someone is stalking u. coz we r nt used to listen our foot steps in all the choes of the city). the time passes by so quickly when u realise that u r walking too slowly and got to catch up with the group. (*** very imp- carry extra pair of shoes with me.u will thank me for this advice. u can carry less water too.hardly drank any..but added weight to my bag..).the best of the trek is the post trek effect on my super  fit the aching and paining which i had to deal with on so called easy should better shup up to get response.


  1. Am going to post the 1st comment :)
    I completely imagined what u trying to say coz i was along with you to experience the Scenic beauty or u can say the Heavenly Experience.. Also you can add to it that "Each Step we took was towards totally different world" calledd as "Nanacha Anghata".. the route was as Beautiful and Pleasant as the Top of "Naneghat" was... wow... i am still hallucinated by all the thoughts of the Trek... Gautami we need to Repeat the trek again :):)

  2. glad that i got ur first comment.let me share this with prema too..u both gave instant reply.

  3. Finally u hv done it...simply gr8..a good start gautami....

  4. Glad you had fun. There is only one way to stop the body aches and pain - go for treks regularly!

  5. Hi Gautami,

    Monsoon trekking is fun! My first trek was also in the rainy season.

    Keep writing :)

  6. like the way you right..kind of cool:D!!