Friday, 23 September 2011

Pitru paksh-To remember the souls of dead

In India, everything seems standstill during 15 days of pitru paksh(nobody buys anything new, or starts something new..everything is just postponed)…if we had to remember some dead THINGS instead of people in the past..i could think of these…
1.      Black and white colour TV- TV must be in its 3rd generation now(from black and white to LED)..i was fortunate to c coloured must be so still without the colours.
2.      Orkut- my introduction to social networking(or shall I say networking..).i did nt have net friends..(friends were people I have met) it gave guys a playgroud to hunt for their crush on orkut..send her request..c her pics..(with a click of a mouse.)I was in college by then..and nt having orkut account was being backword..everyone was there..(infact in a race to being popular..the people who will just smile at me in the colony where sending me requests..just hi friends..)..coming back to subject.what do we miss about orkut..was it privacy..u had ur friends and shared ur pics and experiences with was not adductive..we did nt have we cant live without find out who is commenting on whom.
3.      Post office- it is not dead yet. But nobody writes letter these days..why to waste time when we can have instant talk or chat..there was charm to letter..sometimes people talk more honestly and logically when they r writing..they can be free about some topics which they would talk abt in person..(on chat people do talk nonsense too..)
4.      Row house(vada,havelli).-I miss my old was built in had wooden balcony and flooring…It was connected(I m nt had 20 rooms..and around 2 doors for every house..and my fav varanda..we had so many childhood memories a building structure, everything is small..u don’t see ur neighbors that often unless u poke ur nose in their house..
5.      Rasna, pepsi cola and pot ice cream- summer was hard to imagine summer without rasna..we used to decide what flavor we should buy this year.(I used to vote for orange and kallakatta.) mom always used to keep check on me..( I was allowed to drink 2 glasses in one day)..for her it was just sugar, water and flavor( zero score on nutrients value)..
With the introduction of soft ice cream, pot ice cream lost its popularity..i remember my uncle had bought pot ice cream fun to create ur ice cream(the best part was it was unlimited..) we had great ice cream parties( mango flavor was the favourite)
What r the things u want to remember from the past??


  1. You back to blogging after trekking !!

    Good to see u back..

    Yeah Orkut is outdated, i still use it, communities in Orkut is worth to have.

    Post Offices, wait for a while we might see some surprices from the govt.

    As u said B&W TV, something we cant see is those long, 75-foot TV antennas (rural areas) and a small antennas in the metro's.

    Another vanished thing is Type Writer & "Type Writing Institutes" it was vanishing while i was in schooling, but with computers and Internet, even they have gone from our sarkari offices.

  2. Good post... all your points remind me of the old days as I experienced the same.

    I remember the days when we used to rent video cassettes during summer vacation to watch movies.

  3. Good point raised. :)
    Besides things listed above, my list will also contain "ek chidiya, anek chidiya" song & some ever popular B&W movies, A well within a house compound (we still get to see it in Chennai).

  4. @ravi-oh yes..i am back in blogging mode..i remember in rainy season we would have keep watch on TV antena to get gud picture..thanks god typewriters are outdated.lawyers would be stuck in office without MS word..

  5. @neeraj-oh yes..who can forget video cassettes...we used to have movie nights in summer vacation..

  6. @nisha-even doordarshan channel has lost its charm in the ever changing TV world.
    We had well in backyard too..i have never swimmed in it..

  7. I can instantly think of Doordarhsan, Nandan, yahoomail, all my much to remember...