Thursday, 7 July 2011

Girls trip to Nagaon(Alibaug)..Part I

Some geo facts abt nagaon( it is part of kokan region in India- called as California due to its beaches..i would nt like the comparison is just quiet and beautiful village. One can take bus from Mumbai (3 hours journey) or ferry from Gateway of India(cool.. 45 minutes). Enough of geo facts ,time to start the journey. ).
Me and two colleagues(best friends were in need of a  break).eureka..lets go out(nt the usual movie, coffee and lunch stuff). Then where??? Girls trip..(that’s sounds awesome initially..but starts with grueling questions from over protective family(love them. Can’t live without them). We put our proposal of the trip with parents without any place in mind. Had n number of con calls (love this feature..god bless him ,who invented it).
We were back in office at lunch break(when actual brain storming started). We decided Nagaon is the place to go. Immediately shared our responsibility(I was in charge of hotel booking, dips handled transportation (checked all the ferry timings and other collegue was being supportive(poor girl has work deadline...could nt do much..gonna get killed for this..if she reads this ofcourse)
We all started our journey @6 in morning. Boarded train to reach CST Mumbai. We were supposed to catch 8 am ferry from Gateway of India jetty @8. But we got stuck and it was full. We wanted upper deck tkt to get the picturesque view. We finally got tkt for 8.30 ferry. (which gave us time to click picures at the Gateway)

Gateway of India (taken from ferry)

To my surprise the ferry was full(u could see college kids and local people who r working at Mumbai and were going back to their village). The ferry journey was little shaky and fast.  For Mumbaikar 45 minutes travelling time is a piece of cake. The ferry services are cheap and provide connecting bus to Alibaug. We were in no mood to run and hence,we missed our connecting bus and had to wait for the next one in the scorching sun for half an hour.  We finally got the bus, and we immediately started eating homemade yummy food packed by mom(love our mums).
We had no plan of action, until we reached Alibuag. We headed straight to the Beach(which was like 10 minutes walk from the bus stand, which was nt so)..luckily we had time to see the Alibaug Fort( Alibaug fort is a sea fort. U can actually walk or take horse ride to reach there. Considering the high tide we choose horse cart.coz we had only 20 minutes to reach the fort before the water starts to fill in. )
Alibaug Fort is also called as Colaba Fort. The Fort has beautiful stone carved temple and Tulsivrindavan(it is tulsi plan in pot.can be found in every village in the courtyard.


Hardly got time to see the fort. We rushed to the shore. We took a rick from alibaug beach to our hotel in Nagaon. Our hotel was pretty basic but provided delicious food. The Hotel was owned by a Faily they had house in the courtyard.  People in Kokan region r very friendly . After we checked in the room, we were starving. Hotel owner helped us to find a hotel to have lunch .We munched on some Maharashtrian food and drank kokam kadi(which made us so sleepy) that we spend the whole afternoon chit chatting lying on a swing in the backyard of the hotel.

We headed to the beach in the evening for walk but ended up doing water sports. We did some bargaining (put our bargaining skills to test and we succeeded. We managed to reduce the price by almost 50%.) We decided to go with easy ride first which was banana ride.  He took us in the sea and the turned the Boat upside down(and our adventure started. All of us were going in separate direction.  Sceaming for help..what a site that must have been for the people on the shore. But thanks to our life jackets we survived and tried to get on the boat(the trainer had to literally drag us on the boat..lesson I learnt- have spent so many summer bunking swimming class was nt a cool thing.) After i got from Nagaon, I joined  swimming class, now  my  swimming coach has to keep track of time to remind me that I have to go to office. i just love it.(thinking of scuba diving now with my new swimming )we  were super excited after our thrilling boat ride. we hopped on to the this one was bumpy ride(it did nt disappoint us).  My collegue was lying in the middle of the sofa and me and dips had to struggle on the sides. I have nt hold anything so tightly in my life.(except the rope of the Boat. I was cursing my trainer) drank lot of sea water. But We were  getting  excited after every ride. i guess thats why is called as adventure sport.

in the midst of our thrill rides, the sun was setting and we  just thought to spend some quiet time on the beach.


  1. oooohh... Super cool dear :) loved it..Simply SUPER COOL, now am gonna call u.. Miss BlogMaster Gautami... he he.. i remembered each and every moment spend there with you guys :) gautami you need to write more... about my sudden health breakdown.. then you guys dragged me for the early morning walk on the Nagaon beach, which was so refreshing that from health breakDOWN i was health breakUP (i know it was a really bad JOKE).. then we spent awssummm sunday afternoon to "Murud Janjira" Fort.... wow guys, lets plan ONE more GIRLS Outing like this ONE.... Love you guys (Gautami & Vanita)

  2. awesome..... gautami
    it was super fun with u guys :))
    chal aur ek trip ho jaye lol

  3. hey guys,

    thanks.....ofcourse trip plan karate hai..Kidhar jana hai..