Friday, 8 July 2011

Girls trip to Nagaon(Alibaug)..Part II

After quiet time at the beach, we headed back to our hotel with a smile on our face. It did not last long as dips started to feel unwell. We could see that she had fever. But vanita kept cool and did not panic..We prayed that it will be well in the morning. And it was. We woke up pretty early (considering no one is morning person..that was strange. i guess it is just the charm of the place which keeps u awake to soak in all the beautiful things nature has to offer..).A morning walk was what we needed the most. It gave us fresh start..

We had delicious poha made my owner’s wife(she insisted that we have breakfast…but we getting super late)..After munching on hot poha(made of Rice flakes from local rice mill has different taste to it which we won’t get in the processed food in malls). We took directions from the villagers about the tuk tuk stand(tuk tuk, sitara is a six sitter vehicle used by villagers to reach their fields and markets. It is always packed with people and never under 10 people in it. We got a ride upto revdanda. We could get some nice shots from the tuk tuk of the parallel sea shore and unnamed palace.

Unamed Palace

Murud Janjira Fort

We had to struggle to catch tuk tuk from revdanda to Murud Janjira fort. We convinced one driver and hopped on a tuk tuk.

Murud Janjira is also a sea fort (I did nt pay attention to the don’t know much about the history..i think the guy was just bluffing..but we still paid coz he was good in selling his tour..tourism helps the villagers to earn their bread and butter. The guided tour was not heavy on our pockets. )

We took a ferry to the Fort (it was sunny and windy.. which helped us to reach faster).

How do start i describing the fort.  We hardly got 1 hour to explore it(tried to c as much possible)..We were told that it had village inside a fort(we can actually see the ruins of the houses). The fort has a  lovely lake too(but it has not been maintained properly..u can’t see the water lying beneath all the weed) the best part was the tunnel from the fort to the shore(it is closed by the Govt now..i can’t blame the govt for it..unless we become responsible to use it is risky to allow tourists to see it..

One thing I just can’t digest was the display of love everywhere on the stones and gateways, doors.(is this way to show your affection to your loved one..why do they have to write their names??)

After reaching the highest point of the fort, we got awesome view of the fort and village. It was around 12.30 already and we had to get back to our hotel to catch ferry. We grabbed lunch at local restaurant and were ready to go to hotel.. but we could nt get any tuk tuk(had to wonder for 1 hour on full stomach..)
Luckily, one driver agreed on high rate(but we did not mind at all) he dropped us at our hotel(considering the afternoon struggle to catch the tuk tuk..we told him to wait..we ran to our room(packed every damn thing that was lying on the floor and varanda).

Finally we reached Alibaug @5(hush….)but to our surprise all the ferries were booked and we got 7 pm last ferry tkt(I was very happy about this coz the night view of Gateway of India and my Mumbai city).

We roamed in the alibaug market. To kill some time eat our fav south Indian Mysore Masala Dosa…

We got into the connecting bus and reached to the manadava jetty..(it looked charming with all the lights). The ride from Mandava jetty to Mumbai was cool ride( the breeze was cool) the Best part was we were having gud time singing and talking.

We reached Mumbai. We have to go separate ways now..back to home..We all started getting calls from parents(it was 8.30)..We hugged each other with promise for next trip..

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  1. I hv tears in my eyes after reading Part 2.
    freak am sooo overwhelmed by reading this..
    amazing girl simply amazing...
    i wud hv hugged u ryt not after reading this...
    i was thinking that it was yesterday tht we had been there :)