Tuesday, 19 July 2011

My bucket list

Things to do before I turn 27
One of the inspiring and thought provoking movie (the Bucket List) is a must watch (before u r 30)..lol.it is never late than never. I have jotted down very simple things, some crazy stuff(adventure for me).to put it simply things which r back of my mind(but it is just that i have not taken efforts towards it) so here it is :

1.      whats is in ur bucket list? do share it.. if u r inerested in doing any of the above things..do get in touch with me..
1.       Climb fresher rock climbing wall
2.       go to garbut point@ Matheran- with BAAN hikers on 31st July 2011..
3.       Get scuba diving certificate(PADI certificatation)
4.       Go for river rafting- done 23rd July 2011.
5.       Participate in swimming competition(should be able to do all the strokes)..yipeee..can do all the strokes now...
6.       Cycle tour
8.       Visit to kas(flower valley)
10.   Climb kalsubai(highest peak in sahyandri)
   go to Everest base camp
11.    Visit Ladakh and spiti valley- http://www.spitiecosphere.com/index.htm
15.   Learn to drive a motorcycle
16.   Donate blood(made an unscuccessful attempt..did nt qualify due to low homoglobin level)
17.   Visit national Park and live in a tent
18.   Visit Golden Temple
19.   visit  Anandvan
20.  do volunteer work(teaching or helping around at school for mentally challenged kids)- -i should not have put this at the end...it has just broaden my perspective and made me appreciate simple things more...
21. to fall in love and get married(to find my best buddy as my partner)


  1. i my blog dashboard it shows ur updating it.. finally i came to know that ur completing ur bucket list.. which is good, 2 completed in a week, when are u going to turn 27??

  2. ohh yes...i have been updating my bucket list..i wil lturn 27 when i complete the list..lol

  3. lol... ok.. Write something how u complete the things..

  4. Really interesting list..Luckily, in this list I did cycle tour, rode motorcycles, travelled in Spiti Valley..that is really an amazing place..visited Golden Temple many times..just love it..and I am married also..You completed lot of things now, so add something new because life always goes on.

    1. hi Avanish..u r absolutely right.. life goes on..i would be updating my list soon...do share ur bucket list and experiences.

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